Here’s how Digital Marketing is Defeating Traditional Marketing

The era of digital is the next big thing, we are living in. no has ever thought of this generation where everything will get digitalized. From technology to advertising a product getting advanced in a digital manner, people don’t bother going to any local shops, because of the availability of online shopping facility.

But before online shopping stores came into existence, the digital side took over the marketing area. The time when people used to advertise or market their product or brand through other mediums such as tic, print, etc. TVC is and still the main platform considered for advertising. No doubt digital media is working all over the globe in every region, in every class of people, but still, TVC does cover the vast majority of the audience.

That doesn’t mean digital isn’t working on their strategies. In Pakistan, companies and brands are adapting pure digital marketing media which includes: social media. Even by seeing the adaptation in such a rapid way, each and every digital marketing agency in Pakistan has been established.

Here’s how Digital Marketing is Defeating Traditional Marketing

A digital marketing agency in Pakistan has given the opportunity to the companies, brands to not just focus on the old single platform, start adopting the younger generation’s behavior in their marketing strategy. Digital marketing agency performs all the basic tasks such as developing website, content, social media marketing, graphic designing, etc.

Majorly their main focus is on creating strategies on how they could take the product on social media and let the people know about it. Social media which is booming, considered as the hot topic for the debate. Social media is a big distraction for the users because it only allows you to communicate to the audience, but also showcase other stuff, promoting fan pages, product ads, etc.

Adapting social media behavior is a huge step for any company like Apple came to Twitter after a long time compared with other tech giants. Social media Platform do give the ability to the brand to create awareness about the product beyond the target audience range. When talking about social media doesn’t only mean Facebook, it covers all the possible platforms which can be used as a marketing medium. 

Social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are considered as the main source of marketing area, through Instagram vloggers play an important role, because of they aware a brand or product among their high rate of followers which is one of the useful strategies.

The majority goes with Facebook marketing, where millions of people roaming around in every single page, which gives the opportunity to the brand to reach as wider as they can. This social media marketing gave entry to the social media agency in the market. Although social media marketing is being down under digital marketing, the thing which social media agency are capable of doing none of the other agency is.

In Pakistan, a social media agency in Karachi established in a very fewer manner. But having less social media agency with skilled, experienced employees giving much better outcome rather having hundreds of.

As said above the era of the digital generation, in the upcoming future everything will be fully taken by the digital side. It’s been said that even TVC will be replaced, because of the social media distraction. Maybe in rural areas, an old method of promotions, advertising will stay the same, because some rural areas are still in development.  

5 Reasons Email Marketing is Still Relevant

Email marketing is the very first strategy and way of digital marketing. However if we talk about digital marketing, many will go for the social media marketing and others. They may think, now these days email marketing has no impact at all. But it is evident to cut their words as email marking always and still has the same potential as before. The return in investment ratio of email marketing is about 44. That means if you invest $100 on to marketing of your business or product, you will gain $4400 in return.

Now let’s see how this works, the reasons you can rely on the email marketing to promote your business the products.

Drawing Attention of People

In the web and various types of social media, there are lot of ads and pop up. These things mainly bother than they can find it useful. So most of the ads and pop ups get ignored by the people of users. However email has an impact because it is sent to their email directly.

The open rate of emails depends upon the tactics used to send them. You can consider and understand this from the given data. Such as, signing up mail list has a open rate of 47 percent while newsletter having only 21 percent of opening rates.

Reaching More and More People

A person using internet must have a email address. To open account to any of online platforms you need an email. To get connected to the world and the important information, people get connected with email.

We can easily say that email users are more in numbers than the social media users. Data talks about it, there are more than 3.8 billion users of email whereas the Facebook users are 1.5 billion. So as the most people are using email, through email you can reach more people.


You can reach out to the audience and retain them in the list. Using social media you are bounded by the number of contents for the users to see. But in email marketing you have no limit or boundary. Moreover you can send specific content to the specific type of audience.

You have to remind to send only quality and relevant content to people.

Suitable User Interface

The opening rates of email on mobile are more than that of PCs. It is around 68 percent. But the email should and must be mobile optimized. So that user can enjoy opening emails on mobile. You have pay attention to the template you are sending is suitable on mobile as well as PCs. Design the format so that the emails look nice in every type of devices.

Tracking the Customer Activities

You can track the customer activities with the email you send them. You can see what part of the email gets the click and analyze why one clicks on the link.

For example, one always sends a list of cosmetic items and rarely has a click. Them it should be reconsidered the presentation of the mail generally sent.

You can also track which product is getting the most clicks from the audience.  How you can increase sales using the links in another platform.

A brief guide to email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your brand or sell product. Even with the introduction of several new marketing strategies, email marketing had not been depreciated by its value and importance.

In fact, study found that the ROI (return on investment) of email marketing is very high being about 3700 percent.

So, to make sure you do not miss out this great opportunity of marketing your brand, let’s look into the following details of email marketing.

Getting the email list for marketing

To be successful in email marketing you need to have and maintain a list of subscribers who might be interested to your service. More the list covers the target audience more the success of marketing campaign is obvious. And there are many ways to create this important list. Let’s talk on few of the best.

1. You can create sign up form on your business website. If the first time visitor finds something relevant on your site they will sign up using their email ID.

2. You may not have a strong list for email marketing but you have good social media following. You should make use of this one and make it as a tool of creating good email list. Just share your sign up link on social media channels.

3. Offer a prize and give your new subscribers incentives. You can attract more visitors and enlist them into your list. This way works but some irrelevant subscribers need to be filtered.

Buying an Email list

In email marketing campaign you should never buy an email list. Most of the emails in that list are ineffective and they get identified as spam. So using this type of mail you literally cannot reach to potential client.

Designing the mail

When you are designing your email campaign make sure to be simple and straightforward. Put all the most important information on the top so that one can easily scan the gist of the mail.

Divide the texts into sections making your campaign very easy to read. In fact, make your whole campaign clear and to the point.

Measuring the performance of Email marketing campaign

Oaky! You have created you campaign. But to know the value your effort is important. How can it be measured?  Wait! There are ways.


Take the data of how many clicks your linked website received since you had launch your campaign. If the the click rate is reasonably low compared to other marketing campaigns, then you must review the campaign.

Website Traffic

Traffic in your website can be a measurement of your email marketing campaign success. If you are reaching the target audience through email marketing, it will show a direct impact on your service website or e-commerce store.