People all over the world are firmly attached to the mobile. A single person checks the mobile a couple of dozen times a day. And it surely opens up the biggest opportunity for the business and brands to reach the people that matters. As we look at the trend the mobile technology changed a lot over time. But the SMS marketing firmly holding place to communicate the key customer to give the shape of some methods.

SMS Marketing for Other Advance Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketers can use a specific marketing strategy is they are using SMS marketing strategies. This is because the brand which accepted SMS marketing can quickly get result in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness. They know the value of this medium to inform the marketing strategies all around.

Boosting the Conversion Rates by Sharing the Links

Research says a branded link can get 39.3% more response than a link that is generic in nature. This is due to branded link is important with SMS campaigns for security reasons. As in the audience’s point of view, they generally do not open the link if it is not familiar. They will only rely if the link is not associated with spam sites.

Reaching to the Market that Still Uses Semi-Smart Phones

To use the latest technology in your mobile phone it has to be latest also. But not all the phones are capable of using the latest technology. We can term it as “semi-smart” phones. And the data says that almost 34% of the mobiles in the world come under this category.

If the brands are looking for to reach these demographics, SMS marketing has no exception to make this happen.

Open Rates of SMS is higher than Email

If you compare the open rate of email marketing with the open rate of SMS campaign, it is almost times more. Data says, the email marketing having only 20% rate of open while the SMS marketing campaign boasts this value to more than 90%. This data clearly indicates that a customer find text message marketing more reliable than email marketing. So basically SMS marketing is cheaper than many email marketing having best return on investment feature.

Response Rate

In this subject SMS marketing defeats email marketing in a huge difference. As the customer response rate of SMS marketing is about some 7 time more than that of email marketing. To the audience the SMS are very convenient to open, read and giving feedback as they usually checking mobile phone multiple times a day.

Texting for Customer Supports and Services

As day by day the lives of people becoming automated, people hate to dial any number or to talk a customer service executive. Instead, they expect to write a SMS and the problem get solved or getting engaged into a live chat. This is having two benefits such as, it exclude the annoying waiting for the customer. And secondly, you can provide the customer automated chatting for many common questing enabling more depth solutions.

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