Choosing the Right Social Media Platform [Infographic]

You are running a business, maybe it is already well established brand or you are putting all your efforts to make it. Being in the social media to make your goal be accomplished is not a question of course. But what social media platform is more beneficial to promote your business should be the concern. You may be suggested by anyone to create Pinterest board, Facebook, Instagram or many others of them. But would they really work for your type of business? Or what should be your approach to determine the best media platforms for your brand promotion? Are you on the right track now? So let’s discuss the things that matter without wasting much time.

Understanding the Purpose

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have millions of users now these days. You should not make your decision to choose the platform on the basis of users. Instead it is essential to understand your audience’s behavior and where they can spend more time. So that the chance of your business get discovered will be increased.

You can understand it better from the given information. Facebook is mostly used as social platform. But Instagram is for visual and YouTube video based; to build community Facebook is the best option. If your business is based on the local audience, then Facebook will be very much effective.

Tracking the Competitors

What is the data of competitor analyze saying? You should know if there is any brand or media influencer that stands out to your business. You need the complete information of whom they are supporting or who are following them.

You should be looking for the answer of these questions from the social media expert you consult. These valuable data will help you to determine where the competitors are and what would be your approach in the particular industry. A well analyzed competitor report will help setting the business strategy and targeting the brand ambassador and influencer. It is important to reach the audience by your means in the social media platform.

Consistency is Important

Okay! Now you know which social media is useful for you. You also gathered the data on competitor analysis. But before you start to create the account, be sure about the consistency. Consistency means the content you are using maintaining same concept all over the platform. And the account handle (generally user name) must be same all across the different social media platform. Maintaining he consistency helps to build strong audience. If the handles are different in different media platform, user will be confused how to find the original one.

Variation over Content

It should be taken account that same content is not being posted in different platforms. The concept or the goal must be similar but creating variation in contents makes the audience love it. So it requires a bit research and good planning about which content is going where.

By understanding the things mentioned here you can give your social media promotion a perfect shape. Remember, the social media platform may be free, but you need to strike at best place to make the most out of it.

Mobile SMS Trumps Social Media [Infographic]

People all over the world are firmly attached to the mobile. A single person checks the mobile a couple of dozen times a day. And it surely opens up the biggest opportunity for the business and brands to reach the people that matters. As we look at the trend the mobile technology changed a lot over time. But the SMS marketing firmly holding place to communicate the key customer to give the shape of some methods.

SMS Marketing for Other Advance Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketers can use a specific marketing strategy is they are using SMS marketing strategies. This is because the brand which accepted SMS marketing can quickly get result in terms of responsiveness and effectiveness. They know the value of this medium to inform the marketing strategies all around.

Boosting the Conversion Rates by Sharing the Links

Research says a branded link can get 39.3% more response than a link that is generic in nature. This is due to branded link is important with SMS campaigns for security reasons. As in the audience’s point of view, they generally do not open the link if it is not familiar. They will only rely if the link is not associated with spam sites.

Reaching to the Market that Still Uses Semi-Smart Phones

To use the latest technology in your mobile phone it has to be latest also. But not all the phones are capable of using the latest technology. We can term it as “semi-smart” phones. And the data says that almost 34% of the mobiles in the world come under this category.

If the brands are looking for to reach these demographics, SMS marketing has no exception to make this happen.

Open Rates of SMS is higher than Email

If you compare the open rate of email marketing with the open rate of SMS campaign, it is almost times more. Data says, the email marketing having only 20% rate of open while the SMS marketing campaign boasts this value to more than 90%. This data clearly indicates that a customer find text message marketing more reliable than email marketing. So basically SMS marketing is cheaper than many email marketing having best return on investment feature.

Response Rate

In this subject SMS marketing defeats email marketing in a huge difference. As the customer response rate of SMS marketing is about some 7 time more than that of email marketing. To the audience the SMS are very convenient to open, read and giving feedback as they usually checking mobile phone multiple times a day.

Texting for Customer Supports and Services

As day by day the lives of people becoming automated, people hate to dial any number or to talk a customer service executive. Instead, they expect to write a SMS and the problem get solved or getting engaged into a live chat. This is having two benefits such as, it exclude the annoying waiting for the customer. And secondly, you can provide the customer automated chatting for many common questing enabling more depth solutions.

Social Media Takes Gold at the London 2012 Olympics

Social media is playing a massive role in the Olympic Games this year. Over the last few year social media has risen up steeply and media is taking full advantage of it.

Since the last Olympic in Beijing, Facebook has reached to 900 million users from 100 million. Also Twitter has also grown up drastically. And the eye catching spreading out of YouTube is making the whole world of Social Media.

In the games of 2012 London Olympics, it is featuring some popular sports like soccer, swimming etc. And thus there is a requirement of spreading news and information. The IOC has turned into the social media and let’s sees how.

Twitter Becomes Official Partner of the Olympic Games 2012

NBC Universal made an amalgamation with Twitter to live stream of games in Olympics 2012. The employees of Twitter are spending some 20 hours a day aggregating the Olympic related tweets and videos. They are maintaining all the tweets of athlete and the families on the single page.

The organization is going to rely on #Olympics and it will be promoted both on-screen and off-screen. NBC set to send the audience to the event page by on-air promotions.

Social Hub on Facebook

Recently Facebook lunched Explore London. It will provide the audience historical information and photos of notable events. The hub also aggregates the links of pages of sports, athlete and teams. The step will bring the audience inside the games.

If anyone joins this page, he/she will be receiving Olympic news on the feed. Not only can the viewers have personalized videos and photos from London event. Social networks arranged the games of the Olympic to be airing on the stations also.

In the event, Facebook declared another tie up with NBC. In Facebook talk meter, NBC is going to inform the audience about athletes, stories and results that others are talking about on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook will provide all the contents of NBC website for the visitors to share them.

The 2012 Olympics is going to be the revolution of history of Olympic Games. The Olympic committee has introduced its own social hub. They have integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr. However athletes and the attendees have to go through strict guidelines. Overall social media is going to offer a strong prospective for the fans of Olympic Games all over the world.

Let’s see a simple statistics of the evolution of Olympic coverage:

Print: In 1890 with the start of modern Olympic Games in 1896, people started to follow the news of games on newspapers.

Radio: In 1936 the Berlin games were the first to have extensive radio coverage. 2500 broadcast in 28 different languages.

Television: In the year of 1964, the Tokyo Olympic for the first time set a milestone of satellite broadcast. Total 40 countries broadcaster the games.

Internet: In 1996 Olympic made its official web page to share news, photos and results of the games.

Social Media: And finally 2012 made the revolution using social hub for the Olympic Games. It allows the athletes and the fans to interact directly online.

Being Busy is not Being Productive

Are you always busy in your work and at the end of the day you could not evaluate the time? You may be putting a lot effort on something but the outputs are not satisfactory.

Many people get busy on work but they are not productive. Here are some explanation on busy people and productive people. Let’s see in which side you are.

1. Working hard vs. Working Smart

Busy people have good work ethics; they work hard to get always busy. Due to the pressure of hard work, they often forget that there may be a smarter way to get it done easily and in less time. Busy people do not look for better way to get work done but stick to the traditional one.

On the other hand, productive people always try to find a smarter way. They focus on effectiveness first and then efficiency.

2. Drowned Details vs. Macro and Micro

Busy people often get drowned into the deep details of the things. For example, they spend a lot time to decide if the template A or B should be chosen to send the report. They regard the small things in big importance.

But smart people start working with what they best have in their hand. They do not think so much on the outcome of the action they are attempting.

Things generally get better for the smart people day by day as they are doing something and learning experience. But busy people get drowned in details and can’t make any progress at all.

3. Do not Say YES to Everything

Generally busy people never say no. They say yes to everything. And it junks their schedule with lot and lot of works keeping them busy all the time.

But productive people say yes or no by their choice and very decisively. Because smart people know very well what is necessary and what not. And saying yes to wrong thing ultimately leads to a wrong path increasing work load with no result.

Do care and value the time and use the time in productive things.  Nodding yes to everything makes you be less productive.

5. Evaluate Things before Doing Anything

People often like to jump on the trend. If the trend is just social things, then it is okay. But if any trend is changing the market movement drastically, you should be careful before joining it.

Jumping into the market trend without analyzing the pros and cons is a very unproductive approach. So what does the productive people, they go through the evaluation process to measure the probability of success.

For example, now almost all the business has a mobile app. So deciding to create a mobile app for you business too is not necessary. Better assess the requirement of a mobile app for your type of business.

6. Doing Everything by Yourself vs. Making Use of Right Tools or People

Some people like to everything by themselves. But it may cause a ruin to your business.  Modern online businesses are very complex. If you do not use right people for a particular work, things will be very difficult and unproductive at the same time. And you will be busy everyday getting nothing.

On the other hand productive people always ready to use appropriate tools to save the precious time and to get the best result in the mean time.

At end, being busy is a good excuse to think nothing. But being productive incorporates making your brain work to the accomplishment.