Being Busy is not Being Productive

Being Busy is not Being Productive

Are you always busy in your work and at the end of the day you could not evaluate the time? You may be putting a lot effort on something but the outputs are not satisfactory.

Many people get busy on work but they are not productive. Here are some explanation on busy people and productive people. Let’s see in which side you are.

1. Working hard vs. Working Smart

Busy people have good work ethics; they work hard to get always busy. Due to the pressure of hard work, they often forget that there may be a smarter way to get it done easily and in less time. Busy people do not look for better way to get work done but stick to the traditional one.

On the other hand, productive people always try to find a smarter way. They focus on effectiveness first and then efficiency.

2. Drowned Details vs. Macro and Micro

Busy people often get drowned into the deep details of the things. For example, they spend a lot time to decide if the template A or B should be chosen to send the report. They regard the small things in big importance.

But smart people start working with what they best have in their hand. They do not think so much on the outcome of the action they are attempting.

Things generally get better for the smart people day by day as they are doing something and learning experience. But busy people get drowned in details and can’t make any progress at all.

3. Do not Say YES to Everything

Generally busy people never say no. They say yes to everything. And it junks their schedule with lot and lot of works keeping them busy all the time.

But productive people say yes or no by their choice and very decisively. Because smart people know very well what is necessary and what not. And saying yes to wrong thing ultimately leads to a wrong path increasing work load with no result.

Do care and value the time and use the time in productive things.  Nodding yes to everything makes you be less productive.

5. Evaluate Things before Doing Anything

People often like to jump on the trend. If the trend is just social things, then it is okay. But if any trend is changing the market movement drastically, you should be careful before joining it.

Jumping into the market trend without analyzing the pros and cons is a very unproductive approach. So what does the productive people, they go through the evaluation process to measure the probability of success.

For example, now almost all the business has a mobile app. So deciding to create a mobile app for you business too is not necessary. Better assess the requirement of a mobile app for your type of business.

6. Doing Everything by Yourself vs. Making Use of Right Tools or People

Some people like to everything by themselves. But it may cause a ruin to your business.  Modern online businesses are very complex. If you do not use right people for a particular work, things will be very difficult and unproductive at the same time. And you will be busy everyday getting nothing.

On the other hand productive people always ready to use appropriate tools to save the precious time and to get the best result in the mean time.

At end, being busy is a good excuse to think nothing. But being productive incorporates making your brain work to the accomplishment.

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