SnapTags vs QR Codes

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to a marketing tool to engage with mobile customers and prospects.

It’s called the SnapTag, powered by SpyderLynk.

With the rise of mobile smart phones usage, readable codes have gained popularity among marketers as a unique way to engage with customers and prospects. Many companies have had success by getting their audience to scan with their mobile phones and submit their contact info for a contest, donate to a charity, or simply visit the brand’s website.

One problem is that these scanable codes are visually non-descriptive of the product or company. Although codes, the QR code seemingly becoming the most popular, work when scanned by an mobile smart phone, there isn’t anything to distinguish one brand from another. They ‘re mostly random dots, squares, or other shapes.

The SnapTag is a solution to that problem. How would you like to have your logo the code? How would you like to add some brand awareness points to your marketing dashboard?

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Written by Cody Ward

Cody Ward is a marketing leader, consultant, entrepreneur, blogger, and social media enthusiast living in the greater Chicago area. He has worked to help Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike fit together the right pieces of their B2B or B2C marketing puzzle. By combining technical solutions with modern marketing strategy, Cody has developed a track record for executing digital marketing campaigns that deliver strong ROI results.