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Why Contribute to

Contributors to will be provided a User account that they can use to log in and submit their unique content for review. Please limit your submissions to your top content once per week but feel free to submit as much as you like.

At this time, writers do not receive financial compensation for contributing to the site. However, contributors do receive value from the experience:

1. Exposure – Your writing and your name will be promoted on, linked social media accounts, and to other marketing blogs syndicated to receive the content.

2. Permanent Links – A post on will include a link back to your own website –such as links in your author bio. These links will most likely help with your search engine rankings. The links you place will remain permanent.

3. Update Bio – You are free to update your bio on at anytime in your User account.

4. Writing – If you want to hone your skills as a writer then continuously publishing your content is essential. We don’t accept every article that gets submitted but will certainly try if it’s relevant to the site’s mission.

What We Are Looking for

We welcome useful, helpful, and thoughtful writing on any of the following or related topics:

Writing Guidelines:

  • Short Paragraphs – Keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less.
  • Word Count – Between 500 to 1200 words.
  • Clear, Concise & to the Point
  • Reserve Self Promotion – Keep self promotion in the author bio only.
  • Formatting – Use bullet points, numbered lists, and section headings.  Format headings with <h3> or header 3.
  • Story – Start the article with a story that draws us to the point of the article using your personal experience. And/or start the article with a self-reflecting question to draw the reader into the topic.
  • Be You – Share your own personal thoughts, stories, and opinions. People love to learn from experiences of others, so share yours.

How to become a contributor:

If you’re interested in becoming a regular Contributor of guest posts then please email your first article to [cody] at [] or by contacting us here. If your article is relevant to the topics above, then we’ll create a User account for you to login, configure your bio, and review.

*Please note at times it may take us two or three weeks to respond with a review.