5 Reasons Email Marketing is Still Relevant

Posted: June 6, 2012

Even with the growing popularity of social media, e-mail marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your customers.  Just about everyone has e-mail address, and they’re likely to pay more attention to their inbox than they are to the thousands of messages that come across social media feeds every day.  There are several reasons to take advantage of e-mail to grow your customer base.

1. Develop a Highly Targeted Message
E-mail marketing is a targeted method of reaching people who are interested in your products or services.  When people sign up for your e-mail list, they’re asking for more information and giving you permission to provide it.  Unlike with social media updates, you can personalize e-mail newsletters to make each person feel like you’re talking directly to them, creating that all-important connection between business and customer.

2. Generate Repeat Business from Customers
You want people who have already visited your website, stopped by your store or bought from you online to remember your company.  By offering them the opportunity to sign up for an e-mail list when they shop, you’ll ensure that your brand will pop up in their inbox on a regular basis with special offers to entice them to make another purchase.

3. Get to Know What Engages Your Audience
Most e-mail marketing tools offer a way for you to track what percentage of your contacts open each newsletter and how many links are clicked.  You can use this information to better target future campaigns and create stronger calls-to-action.

4. Build Far-Reaching Advertising Effects with a Low-Cost
In general, e-mail marketing is much cheaper than other advertising options.  You can often get a great deal of options for a flat monthly rate, so you can send as many e-mails as necessary to further your current ad campaign.  If you want to reach beyond your contact list, consider including buttons to Like, Tweet or Pin new products and special offers.  Making it easy for recipients to share their favorite things from your newsletter allows you to reach a wider audience without any further effort on your part.

5. Control Your Brand Message
Even if every social media update that you share has great marketing potential, you can’t guarantee that it will be as visible as your e-mail newsletter.  With e-mail, you have complete control over the content, delivery method and recipient list.  You can divide your contacts into groups based on their purchase history and market directly to their specific interests so that every newsletter is relevant to their preferences.

With its affordability and ease of use, e-mail marketing offers businesses a great way to engage with customers and keep them coming back.  Through targeted advertising and personalized content, you can reach people on their terms wherever they are.

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