Marketing Puzzles Answers

Spoiler alert! This page contains the answers to the marketing puzzles on this site.

If you’re stumped and want to know the answer simply scroll down to the puzzle below for the answer.

Puzzle #8889

Link Building – the process, related to Search Engine Optimization, of obtaining inbound links to a website through reciprocal linking, partnerships, and content creation.

Puzzle #7913

Bounce Rate – web analytics term used to describe the percentage of visitors who enter a website on a single page and leave the website without visiting any more pages.

Puzzle #2207

Blog Roll – list of recommended website links that appear on the side of a blog.

Puzzle #1950

Black Hat SEO – tactics applied to websites in order to trick search engines such as Google and Bing to rank a website higher. This dishonest practice can involve practices such as keyword stuffing or domain cloaking.

Puzzle #2207

Guerilla Marketing – the use of atypical marketing and advertising tactics to promote a product or brand in an unconventional, sometimes localized way, and in a competitive environment.