About PuzzleMarketer.com

First off, what is a Puzzle Marketer?

A Puzzle Marketer, per this blog’s definition, is

a marketer who can piece together all of the constantly moving media channels, tactics, strategies, and technology solutions to help a brand grow.

Puzzle Marketers aren’t traditional marketers. Puzzle Marketers understand that there are many complex pieces that go into an advertising campaigns. Today’s marketing can no longer be limited to the traditional one-way communication from a brand to a passive audience. This modern marketing has evolved into a two-way conversation that drives engagement on both sides. Audience attention span is spread thin between many mediums, often spending seconds to minutes on a particular message. It’s harder and harder to encourage customers, prospects, and employees to perform an action.

Many marketing objectives today can only be accomplished with a blend of innovative technical solutions and well developed content. This blog was created by Cody Ward to share those marketing stories, case studies, advice, and ideas. By combining Cody’s experience with the thoughtful insight of PuzzleMarketer.com’s readers, this blog will help small to medium businesses not only understand “What to do?” but the more important “Why to do it?”

This blog will touch marketing strategy, work productivity ideas, and some business solutions. This blog is for you, the reader, and hopefully it will be an evolving source to generate your ideas. Please engage constantly and mold it to how best helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Are you a Puzzle Marketer?


These are the personal opinions and thoughts of Cody Ward. They in no way reflect the opinions of his employer or related third parties.