The era of digital is the next big thing, we are living in. no has ever thought of this generation where everything will get digitalized. From technology to advertising a product getting advanced in a digital manner, people don’t bother going to any local shops, because of the availability of online shopping facility.

But before online shopping stores came into existence, the digital side took over the marketing area. The time when people used to advertise or market their product or brand through other mediums such as tic, print, etc. TVC is and still the main platform considered for advertising. No doubt digital media is working all over the globe in every region, in every class of people, but still, TVC does cover the vast majority of the audience.

That doesn’t mean digital isn’t working on their strategies. In Pakistan, companies and brands are adapting pure digital marketing media which includes: social media. Even by seeing the adaptation in such a rapid way, each and every digital marketing agency in Pakistan has been established.

A digital marketing agency in Pakistan has given the opportunity to the companies, brands to not just focus on the old single platform, start adopting the younger generation’s behavior in their marketing strategy. Digital marketing agency performs all the basic tasks such as developing website, content, social media marketing, graphic designing, etc.

Majorly their main focus is on creating strategies on how they could take the product on social media and let the people know about it. Social media which is booming, considered as the hot topic for the debate. Social media is a big distraction for the users because it only allows you to communicate to the audience, but also showcase other stuff, promoting fan pages, product ads, etc.

Adapting social media behavior is a huge step for any company like Apple came to Twitter after a long time compared with other tech giants. Social media Platform do give the ability to the brand to create awareness about the product beyond the target audience range. When talking about social media doesn’t only mean Facebook, it covers all the possible platforms which can be used as a marketing medium. 

Social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are considered as the main source of marketing area, through Instagram vloggers play an important role, because of they aware a brand or product among their high rate of followers which is one of the useful strategies.

The majority goes with Facebook marketing, where millions of people roaming around in every single page, which gives the opportunity to the brand to reach as wider as they can. This social media marketing gave entry to the social media agency in the market. Although social media marketing is being down under digital marketing, the thing which social media agency are capable of doing none of the other agency is.

In Pakistan, a social media agency in Karachi established in a very fewer manner. But having less social media agency with skilled, experienced employees giving much better outcome rather having hundreds of.

As said above the era of the digital generation, in the upcoming future everything will be fully taken by the digital side. It’s been said that even TVC will be replaced, because of the social media distraction. Maybe in rural areas, an old method of promotions, advertising will stay the same, because some rural areas are still in development.  

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